Who We Are:

  • We at Funk Away found a market that is desperately in need of something to eliminate odors specifically for sports equipment.
  • Here at Funk Away we created a product that solves athlete’s equipment odor issues.
  • Our product is specifically developed for athletes and their families, yes the families.  If your son or daughter is an athlete, we want to protect you from THE FUNK.
  • Funk Away has been formulated to remove the Funk out of sports equipment, rather than just masking it for a few hours with a fragrance.
  • During our research, we have concluded that it takes a special formula to actually eliminate the ridiculously funky odors an athletes produce.

Why Funk Away?

  • Funk Away is all natural. No harmful chemicals. Parents feel comfortable using it with their children.
  • Other products are for masking general odors; however, they don’t last long. Our product is formulated and tested to eliminate the nastiest of nasty athletic odors.
  • Sure….Funk Away can be used on the obvious sports equipment like football, hockey, baseball, and lacrosse, but it can also be used on workout equipment, boxing gloves, wrestling and volleyball knee pads, yoga and wrestling mats, band uniforms, drama costumes, and of course funky athletic shoes.  You know the kind of athletic shoes that the TSA at the airports make you keep ON while going through security.

Funk Away Benefits for Everyone:

  • Eliminating the funk helps allow college athletes to store their gear in their dorm rooms without causing their roommates to pass out. Parents, you can also then rest assure that your college student will get a good night sleep allowing them to study better.
  • Increases any team or sports organization that strives to win by having all athletes feeling Funky Fresh.
  • Instead of driving home after a game with your head out the window, parents and families can take their athletes home in a all natural, non-toxic, clean, and fresh smelling vehicle.
  • Funk Away is a cost effective solution to get the “Funk”out.
  • You can use other products as we did; however, they don’t work for the ridiculous funky odors generated after a hard workout.

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