FunkAway Affiliate Program

Help us fight the funk and be our next affiliate!

Program Highlights

10% Commission

30 Day Cookie Referral Power

Dedicated Affiliate Management Team


Regular Promotional / Season offers

Performance Bonuses

Products are proudly made in the USA

About FunkAway and the Program:

In a world with so many great smells, we are unfortunately surrounded by plenty of bad ones too. FunkAway doesn’t just mask those awful smells, it outright eliminates them. Our superior product will wipe out the most nauseating stench and instantaneously replace it with fresh, breathable air. We guarantee satisfaction the first time it’s sprayed, opened, or applied.

With an array of products to choose from, we have something for everyone. From sports mom to smoker and from bull rider to car traveler, we can keep things fresh and funk free! Check out the full assortment that includes spray, sachet, and bead options. We even have laundry detergent!

Our program is designed to grow with you. Our direct-to-consumer business is a key area of growth, and we’re able to customize programs and offers for top partners.