The more you know about FunkAway, the less embarrassing smells you’ll encounter in your clothes, on your gear, around your house, in your car and on your children. If you don’t see your question below, we’d love to hear from you.

Is FunkAway safe to use around pets?

Yes. FunkAway is safe for pets and non-toxic! We do recommend keeping animals away while the product is air-drying, but our odor eliminators are great for removing funk caused by your furry friends.

How often can I use FunkAway?

As often as you’d like! Anytime you get sweaty, FunkAway is there to take care of the odors left behind.

Is FunkAway a disinfectant?

No. FunkAway is designed to eliminate odor molecules, but it does not get rid of all bacteria.

What causes “funk”?

Noxious gases are released when bacteria feeds on your sweat, and we call these unwelcome odors “funk”.

How much FunkAway should I use?

Your funky gear should be good and soaked so the OM Complex™ can work its magic. The more it stinks, the more you soak it!

Can I spray FunkAway on my skin?

FunkAway is for gear and clothing. Do not spray on skin or get in your eyes. If any irritation occurs, consult with your physician.

Can I use the booster product as a regular detergent?

No, it should be used in addition to your regular detergent.

Do your products have a scent to them?

FunkAway has a slight fresh and clean scent when applied, but it fades after the product dries.

Does FunkAway work on smoke?

Smoke doesn’t stand a chance against FunkAway. Our products are the perfect solution for items that smell like a campfire or a cigarette.

Is FunkAway made in the USA?

Yes, it is! FunkAway products are produced within the United States, mainly in Waukegan, IL.



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Get exclusive offers and tips to help you LIVE FUNK FREE!