Funk Away Control


Controlling extreme offensive odors tops today’s emphasis for air freshening. Gone are the days of simply covering up the funk with strong perfumes in the hope that the odor will dissipate before the fragrance fades.

Many products have been developed around various technologies which are supposed to control Funk. Among these, the technology can be identified as:


  • Absorbents, like baking soda. 
  • Materials that cause odor fatigue or saturation. 
  • Mechanical blocking, like filters or masks. 
  • Materials that “re-odorize” or are complementary. 
  • Odor source elimination, like disinfectants. 
  • Encapsulation materials, such as Cyclodextrin.




Funk Away uses a unique chemical formulation called O.M. Complex. This formulation possesses true deodorizing qualities that involves a two-phase approach to controlling Funk. By carefully adjusting the balance within O.M. Complex and other Funk fighting chemicals into a single compound, the Funk that an athlete is likely to encounter can be greatly reduced or eliminated.


1. Water-based compounds that cause funky odors can have a pronounced tendency to either donate or accept protons. Given the small molecules associated with these funky odors, its’ associated polar group will play an important part of any interaction that occur with other compounds. The larger aromatic molecules that comprise the vapor stage of the O.M. Complex also contain polar groups. Their interaction with the funky odors results in neutralization through a resulting chemical/electron charge exchange that can cause bond disruptions in the funky odor molecule.


2. O.M. Complex is infused with chemical “contact” odor-elimination technology that effectively eliminates through a unique encapsulation process. These two synergistic processes act together to more effectively eliminate THE FUNK.