Funk Away…We Understand How Sweat Works
The Science Behind FunkAway…

FunkAway® is the first-ever system designed to eliminate odor from sports gear, rather than cover it. We are also the first company to use all natural and non-toxic products. Our team understands that when it comes to high athletic performance, we sweat. However, it is not sweat that makes us funky. Our clothes smell funky because sweat creates bacteria and odor that gets trapped in our gear and clothing. When sweat first emerges on our skin, it is simply a fluid without an odor. Yes, sweat has no odor. However, the bacteria on our bodies are greatly attracted to the proteins in apocrine sweat which they eat, digest and expel as highly-aromatic fatty acids-this is where the “Funk” begins. From the very beginning, the process typically takes about an hour. We can smell pretty funky in a short amount of time.

  • FunkAway® is a sports equipment spray that eliminates the funk out of your sports equipment.
  • It does not simply mask the funk, it removes it safely.
  • FunkAway is the industry leading sports equipment odor eliminating spray based on all-natural active ingredients.
  • FunkAway is non-irritating and non-toxic!

FunkAway doesn’t cover odor typically associated with bacteria, mildew, and mold; it removes it. It is formulated to go right to the sources associated with the sweat process by removing oils, grime, dirt, sweat and other unwanted funky materials from gear and apparel.

We Are Conscience About Our Environment

Our product is made and sold in U.S.A. We understand how chemicals affect our bodies, which is why Funk Away is made from all natural, non-toxic formulas. We care about what we put into our bodies, into our water systems, and into the air. Our formula is made according to the strictest retail environmental requirements.

We Are Free From Toxic Chemicals

We believe that natural compounds provide the safest and most natural way to clean. We are aware of the sensitivity and growth of allergens many young people face today. We believe in providing a product that works amazing, while keeping athletes health and safety as number one. Nobody likes to feel funky, so let’s remove the funk in a safe manner and safe environment.