What is Funk? Yes it comes from sweat, but the perspiration itself doesn’t stink. The ripe odor actually emits from bacteria that feed on the sweat, and then out-gas the noxious odor. That’s right, the bacteria actually farts!

FunkAway is scientifically-designed to eliminate that bacteria smell. How? It’s formulated with a unique, patented compound called OM Complex™ that attacks the Funk created by hard days on the field, rink, court or jobsite.

Upon contact, FunkAway attacks the odor.

FunkAway absorbs the odor molecules, encasing them in a bubble.

Inside the funk-proof bubble, the odor is broken down.

The result: No more Funk.



Noun: A strong, smell, stench or foul odor, generated by hard-earned perspiration.
“Dude, what is that Funk?” “I told you I was hustling out there, it’s my gear.”


Adjective: Absent, gone, abolished as in totally obliterated, not just covered up.
“Keep that stench out of my minivan.”


Adjective: No longer in effect or functioning.
“Your hockey bag is not going anywhere near my car until that smell is defunkt.”


Acronym: Why the funk?
“WTF? Because I worked my tail off and my gear can prove it.”


Adjective: In a smell: intense or pungent.
“Dude, your stuff is ripe. You better funkin’ spray it right away.”


Verb: To coat or soak fully.
“If you even start to smell the Funk, douse it with FunkAway.”

FunkAway odor eliminator combo pack