People are winning the fight against funk every day, and we have the testimonials to prove it. From a foul-smelling tool belt to a dog bed everyone thought was a goner, we love to hear how FunkAway revived our customer’s stinky stuff. Leave your own testimonial below after you’ve tried FunkAway to share how our products help you LIVE FUNK FREE.

I have been the laundry go to for our high school football team for 2 years and my kids are athletes. I wash 50-60 uniforms every week (jersey, pants and some girdles get in the mix) plus my kids sports gear. The cat pee smell is ungodly and I’ve literally used every product on the market to eliminate it – with no luck! I was in the laundry aisle at Walmart getting my typical weekly mixture of borax, oxy clean for smells Lysol laundry disinfectant and shout and happened upon Funk Away. It was less than $10 so I figured I would at least try it. I did my normal ritual and soaked everything in a tub with water and I added the Funk Away to one bucket and my normal concoction to one bucket. I let everything soak for an hour and then wash in the washer with the same concoction. Sometimes they get ran through the washer more than once before I can stand the smell. Funk Away took the smell out in 1 soak and wash!
I attempted cleats today – soak 1 hour and used an old toothbrush with a dab of Funk Away on the inside of the clear and OMGosh!! The ungodly cat pee smell is gone!! Funk Away for the W!


I am the mother of one adult and two teenage sons. You can probably imagine all the odors I smell, from sweat, to feet, to fast food odors… and gas. Lots and lots of gas. I’ve used some pretty “colorful” language when I’ve walked into the room and smell someone’s work shoes. I happened upon FunkAway by accident in my local store (it was on a shelf in the hair care aisle). I read the description and placed it in my cart. I brought it home and tried it out, and I am now completely convinced that the universe heard (or smelled) my plight and interceded on my behalf with FunkAway. I now swear by it. The only thing funky in my home now is art and music. And since I found out that there are MORE PRODUCTS? Oh, it’s on. FunkAway gets a YEESSSS!!!!

Tiffany J.

I am so happy I found this product. I was using another brand and initially thought it was good but there was an odd, lingering smell in my clothes after washing with it. I’m happy to say that the FunkAway product for the laundry works excellently. No smell. Odors are gone. And by the way cudos to the person or group who came up with the packaging. The black color of the bottle caught my eye right away.


As a BMX mom I have dealt with the funky sweaty helmet, sweaty gloves (which is by far the worst thing), the sweaty/dirty jersey, shoes, and bag. No amount of cologne or spray works to mask these smells until I found Funk Away. This stuff is a game changer for us! I will encourage all moms to use this and there will always be a can in his bag from now on. Thanks FunkAway! You rock!

Alicia P.

I used this product on very smelly shoes and it was amazing!! I recommended this to my daughter who has 3 small children and an infant. Two of the kids have a bed-wetting problem. The plastic bed liners would smell, even after washing. Funkaway did the job for her! Great product!

Marie Orr

When Hurricane Florence hit us in 2018 never did I think that I needed to worry about our towels… Boy was I wrong for thinking that. Our towels really got to the point where I was just about to just bite the bullet and toss them in the trash after 6 months of trying everything to get rid of the mildew smell. Then while shopping my girls and I found FunkAway. Of course, we laughed at the name of this and we laughed at how our towels would cause the product to fail… So, of course, we had to test this out. I put it in our cart and by the next day, I was running back to the store for more. Not only did it save our towels but it also saved us from buying a new washer too! See our washer had an odor too. And I had had the repairman out to try to get rid of that smell too… He failed. But this has saved us so much $. Thank you so much for this product. If I had one wish it would be nice to find the FunkAway beads in our stores… However, I did just order online 5 of those to be delivered to our house.

The Davis Family

OMG!!!! My cats had a fight in my room last night that resulted in territorial peeing and even after shampooing, it still smelled. I poured a capful in my carpet cleaner with water and the odor is gone!!! I just finished less than 10 minutes ago and I had to find your site to tell you THANKS!!! A little unconventional but it worked!

Elaine Altman

This lasts way longer than typical air fresheners! I use it on my husband’s work boots and all over the house in general and a little spritz goes a long way! Well worth the money spent because it lasts longer!


My toddler’s diaper pail was starting to stink so bad we didn’t know what to do with it. Even after cleaning it out and leaving it outside for a day, the smell wouldn’t go away and we couldn’t have it in her room. One spray of FunkAway and the smell is gone. I thought I was going to have to buy a new one; this was much cheaper and easier!

Kathy C.

We just tried the pump spray on my daughter’s wheelchair this week and it did a wonderful job. We have been trying to find something to get rid of the urine smell from clothes and throughout the house. We have tried everything we could find and we found this at the local grocery store by chance we are so glad to say we actually found something that works. If there is any possibility of getting bigger sizes or even buying bulk that would be awesome mom of four not going to stop using this anytime in the near future. thank you so much for making a product that actually works and i will be recommending your product to other moms.

Jessica M




Get exclusive offers and tips to help you LIVE FUNK FREE!


Get exclusive offers and tips to help you LIVE FUNK FREE!