People are winning the fight against funk every day, and we have the testimonials to prove it. From a foul-smelling tool belt to a dog bed everyone thought was a goner, we love to hear how FunkAway revived our customer’s stinky stuff. Leave your own testimonial below after you’ve tried FunkAway to share how our products help you LIVE FUNK FREE.

I wanted to try this product to help with my male cat spraying occasionally. I had tried so many more products that only worked temporarily. So I finally found it and ordered it. It is so amazing I could not believe it . This product is amazing I have bought laundry soap and the sprays. It is the best ever. Thank you for this product I LOVE IT!!!

Kathy Burgess

My daughter uses this religiously to keep her volleyball gear unfunked, and during tourney, her team mates are wanting some! This is the resounding testimonial I have; short, sweet. I hope you love it like we do!

John. W.

This is the only product that really works. I train at a martial arts school 4-5 days a week. Being a big guy at age 59, I work up a legendary sweat and my sparring gear got to the point where it could knock out opponents without me. I tried everything and it only continued to get worse. A fellow student, who works in the fragrance industry, started using your product and recommended it to me (thanks Maria). When they found out that it worked for me, many other people there started using it.

Gary Castelle

~Once word gets out? Febreze, and Lysol Folks, are really, really, gonna hate you guys!!

Like most others’ comments, I stumbled upon your product by chance in the laundry isle at the store. I endure terribly stinky feet.* Used it first on Lamb skin slippers, shoes & socks. . . and I was BLOWN away by how well it worked. From there, the brain got cooking as to where/how else to apply it with equally impressive results. ~Lookout carpeting, your stinky-a** days are numbered!

My store initially only stocked the spray. And miracles upon miracles, on my next visit, they’d added the laundry booster. Which I’ll purchase soon as the Lysol sanitizer runs out.   I was so wowed with the spray, I loaned it to my neighbor who’s work is in a seafood restaurant and has two stinky Dawgs. He’s equally sold and on board, for good reason. His wife almost kissed me. 😉

My Best To All,

Maek ("Spuds") Kifer

I’ve been very self-conscious about the smell of my shoes. Since I was a mechanic, I used to put them on right after I got out of my uniform and work boots. These shoes have been through a lot and they’re just my favorite. I’ve tried baking soda, sneaker balls, you name it. I came across Funkaway and decided to try it out since I saw some good reviews online about it. NO JOKE, not even 30 minutes after I applied it to my sneakers, I could not smell any funk from it. Funkaway, you just got yourself a lifetime customer.


My kids were both cursed with the smelly feet. We’ve tried everything. I found this in the shoe department and for the price thought I would give it a shot. What could it hurt? I have to tell you that I’m amazed!! The smell is gone with a light pleasant smell left behind. And we’re not talking about just masking the smell. It’s completely gone. I now use it instead of febreeze on my furniture as well. I live in a tiny home so all the cooking smells have permeated the furniture. I have also used this in my car. I have been telling all my friends about this!! Thank you!!

Brandy Bossen

Once again Funkaway has saved us again during hurricane dorian here in North Carolina. We were down a vehicle & we had to transfer gas in our 2005 Mustang GT. Of course I had put down plastic just in case of leakage. However the gas smell would not go away. As a last resort I used Funkaway by scrubbing that into the carpet and then put the beads in the cabin of the car. We sealed up the pony and just left it. Yes, once again Funkaway did the job. The pony smells just like prior to the hurricane and the gas smell that was so strong that I guarantee that you would get light headed. I am very impressed by what Funkaway can really do.

USMC Family

Amanda & Adam Davis Family

My daughter has a bed wetting problem and tries to hide it by burying it in her dirty laundry basket. All her laundry would come out smelling like dirty diapers. I probably tried a dozen different methods to get the smell out. I was desperate when I found FunkAway. It works! The first wash didn’t get the smell entirely out but her laundry smelled so much better I decided to give it a second wash including a 10 min soak before hand. No more dirty diaper smell! Thank you! I will be recommending this product to everyone.

Laurie L Monasmith

Dear FunkAway,
You guys are pure genius! I used it my first time today when I washed my clothes. I can say that I am impressed your product really does work! Will be using it from now on.

Tanisha McLaurin

As a soccer mom, I was on a search for something that would help to make the after practice/after game ride home a bit more tolerable with a bunch of smelly teens and their gear. My son started spraying his gear after games and practice and other moms starting noticing and asking questions right away (even from opposing teams). We even received a request for information on FunkAway from my son’s school athletic secretary so she could promote to the other high school sports teams as well.  🙂

Christine Slager




Get exclusive offers and tips to help you LIVE FUNK FREE!


Get exclusive offers and tips to help you LIVE FUNK FREE!