People are winning the fight against funk every day, and we have the testimonials to prove it. From a foul-smelling tool belt to a dog bed everyone thought was a goner, we love to hear how FunkAway revived our customer’s stinky stuff. Leave your own testimonial below after you’ve tried FunkAway to share how our products help you LIVE FUNK FREE.

OMG!!!! My cats had a fight in my room last night that resulted in territorial peeing and even after shampooing, it still smelled. I poured a capful in my carpet cleaner with water and the odor is gone!!! I just finished less than 10 minutes ago and I had to find your site to tell you THANKS!!! A little unconventional but it worked!

Elaine Altman

This lasts way longer than typical air fresheners! I use it on my husband’s work boots and all over the house in general and a little spritz goes a long way! Well worth the money spent because it lasts longer!


My toddler’s diaper pail was starting to stink so bad we didn’t know what to do with it. Even after cleaning it out and leaving it outside for a day, the smell wouldn’t go away and we couldn’t have it in her room. One spray of FunkAway and the smell is gone. I thought I was going to have to buy a new one; this was much cheaper and easier!

Kathy C.

We just tried the pump spray on my daughter’s wheelchair this week and it did a wonderful job. We have been trying to find something to get rid of the urine smell from clothes and throughout the house. We have tried everything we could find and we found this at the local grocery store by chance we are so glad to say we actually found something that works. If there is any possibility of getting bigger sizes or even buying bulk that would be awesome mom of four not going to stop using this anytime in the near future. thank you so much for making a product that actually works and i will be recommending your product to other moms.

Jessica M

I have several cats and occasionally they will spray on a curtain, piece of furniture or something on the ground like a towel or carpet. This product is THE only product I have found that completely eliminates the smell. I use the spray on items that can’t be washed and the laundry booster for all other items. I love this product so much that I purposely by multiple bottles at a time to make sure my grocery store keeps carrying it! That is, until the rest of the world catches on.


Had a closed up area with an old used litter box and it was rank. The cat urine smell was so awful it felt as if it was seeping through the walls and getting to other parts of the house. Used the FunkAway aero spray. Due to the strength of the smell, had to use three applications but there is no other product on the market which even came close to working. Just like that, odor is gone and has stayed gone. Since that point have used it on footwear, exhaust and basically anything that still leaves a lingering smell even after being cleaned. This stuff is the real deal. I can’t believe they’re charging such a low fee for the product. I’ve merely gone through a quarter of the can for a mere eight bucks. If you have an odor problem, congratulations for landing here, your issue’s been solved.

Ryan F

Between having 2 messy kids and a puppy, FunkAway has become a staple household item. I’ve become a true advocate and user of FunkAway.

My dog dropped a duke on the floor today and my employees were running for the FunkAway spray. 2 of my employees work out of my basement office area and my puppy caused quite the uproar today, haha. They were also won over…

Steven P

I have been searching everything on the web to help me get rid of my husbands armpit odor. I can wash 1K times and never be able to get rid of that funky BO smell. That was until I found FUNKAWAY! I honestly thought it was a gimmick but I went home immediately and washed his work clothes and fell over!! I had him smell the clothes and he asked if I bought new shirts. I thank you so much for both of us because he no longer douses himself in cologne and he doesn’t feel uncomfortable to lift his arms up when working or working out or WHATEVER! You have saved us time,$$, etc with this most incredible product. Much aloha and mahalo.

The Garcia’s from Vegas.


LOVE this product! Wish I had it around when my kids were younger and doing wrestling, soccer, baseball and horseback riding. I could have eliminated so many stinky gear bags and equipment. I use the washer product when cleaning my 10+ pairs of Skechers. It takes the odor away and lasts for about 10 days to 2 weeks. I particularly love the aerosol product on my boat carpeting which is always smelling damp and musty. I just spray it on the carpet before leaving the boat and when we return, the lower cabin smells GREAT! We also use it on our dog beds! There are so many options with FunkAway!!!

Carol T

Tried FunkAway for the first time yesterday. WOW! What a product. My son plays football and his clothes just reek. I would have to wash his clothes 2 to 3 times to get most of that nasty smell out. One washing with FunkAway and the odor was gone. I even had my son smell a shirt of his I washed in regular laundry soap and then one with FunkAway. He noticed the difference right away. I gave him the spray to take to school to spray down his pads and helmet. Thank you for this wonderful product!

Connie V




Get exclusive offers and tips to help you LIVE FUNK FREE!


Get exclusive offers and tips to help you LIVE FUNK FREE!