People are winning the fight against funk every day, and we have the testimonials to prove it. From a foul-smelling tool belt to a dog bed everyone thought was a goner, we love to hear how FunkAway revived our customer’s stinky stuff. Leave your own testimonial below after you’ve tried FunkAway to share how our products help you LIVE FUNK FREE.

My daughter does competitive cheer and her cheer shoes get 12 hours of work out a week on the low end… she keeps them in the trendy shoe box they came in and the box when u opened it was like a funk monster jumped out… after treating her shoes and box it was a “new shoe” smell. but much fresher thank you from our whole family!

Tiphanie S.

FunkAway is nothing like previous products I have used to eliminate oders. It actually works! As a busy mom of 2 athletes it’s hard to keep their uniforms smelling good. Before I discovered FunkAway I had to use multiple products for a decent smell. Now it’s one and done.

Sonali B.

I LOVE IT!!! Where have you been all my life? It really does do what it says. It actually removes smells like I’m spraying magic! I have used it on clothes, shoes, bedding and when my dog has an accident on the carpet. I’ll ALWAYS keep this in my life! Thank you all for creating such an AWESOME product!!!

Kimberly M.

I liked the easy of use, the fresh smell and how quickly and effectively it worked on my sons football gear. I can’t wait to try it during lacrosse season. Now I don’t have to drive with my windows down and head sticking out of the car like a dog because of the smell in my van. I used it on my sons football gloves and helmet. I am a football and lacrosse coach and have tried many products to remove the smell on their gear and nothing has worked like yours.

Tony L.

I used it on my husbands work clothes and my grandson’s soccer clothes and it worked perfectly! The nasty odors were gone. Often I launder these items and they would come out with a unsavory aroma even after -retreating and using a scented laundry additive! With FunkAway they no longer hold that nasty aroma.

Laurie H.

I really liked how it smelled and how much better it worked. I used FunkAway in one cleat and another gear cleaner, and FunkAway blew away the other opponent by smell, speed, and how long it lasted. I really liked this product.

Matt H.

I take care of both my disabled parents. Since my days are full of soiled laundry, I have looked for and tried a number of things. I found your product, and it has ended my hunt! I use FunkAway by the cap full on all my laundry! I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!

Jennifer M.