Mini spray bottles of the best clothing deodorizer on the market, FunkAway



Be prepared. Keep a bottle of FunkAway in your purse, gym bag, glove box, locker or anywhere you might need to stop the Funk. The TRAVELER is a perfect portable size and is TSA-compliant Read More



Our versatile 8 oz pump-spray is the jack-of-all-trades. The perfect size to take on the road, The Utility Player is big enough to handle the onslaught of odor caused by hard work and play. Read More
Remove odor from clothes with FunkAway

THE HEAVYWEIGHT (13.5 FL OZ) featuring Super Strength AeroSpray


To win the war against the most stubborn odors, FunkAway Super Strength AeroSpray is the weapon you need. It neutralizes those deep, set-in odors like nothing else. Our heavyweight AeroSpray delivery system provides maximum coverage for eliminating the foulest stenches. The aerosol sprays on powerfully and has a clean, noticeable scent* when applied. Therefore, we recommend spraying FunkAway Super Strength AeroSpray outdoors (or in a very well-ventilated area). Then simply allow your items to air dry.

*NOTE: The FunkAway scent fades away as it dries.

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FunkAway Odor Eliminating and Stain Removing Laundry Detergent Booster is designed to defunkify and unsoil whatever you put in your washing machine, anything you use for hard work and play. Use it on the worst of the worst. If it smells or is stained beyond belief, FunkAway is the boost you need. Read More


$9.98 (includes FREE shipping)

Close out Funk with the continuous action of the 3.4 oz TRAVELER & 8 oz UTILITY PLAYER. These two pump-spray bottles are perfect for deFunkification. Toss one in the glove box and the other in your gym bag, and it’ll be game over for Funk. Read More
Remove odor from your car, clothing or gear with the FunkAway Combo pack

THE COMBO (13.5 FL OZ + 3.4 FL OZ)

$11.98 (includes FREE shipping)

The one-two punch you need. Keep the large HEAVYWEIGHT featuring the Super Strength AeroSpray where you use it most, and a portable TRAVELER in your gym bag, glove box, locker or wherever there can be Funk. Read More


$12.98 (includes FREE shipping)

FunkAway eliminates odor. Other products use “cover-up” fragrances to try and erase odors. FunkAway is different. It attacks the smell created by sweat – not by masking the odor but by literally trapping the Funk in an unbreakable containment bubble. Combine the spray and our laundry detergent booster and odor won’t know what hit it. Read More


$22.97(includes FREE shipping)

Sack Funk before it overpowers with the quick-action 8 oz UTILITY PLAYER pump-spray, the full coverage 13.5 oz HEAVYWEIGHT featuring the Super Strength AeroSpray and the versatile LAUNDRY BOOSTER. Funk won’t know what hit it. Read More
Get the FunkAway Team Pack for your teams smelly sports gear and equipment

TEAM PACK (QTY: 12 – 3.4 FL OZ)

$47.88 (includes FREE shipping)

A great way to keep everyone on the same team against Funk! Pass out these handy TRAVELER bottles at the next practice or game and everyone will breath easier. Read More