With school back in session, and summer in our rearview mirror, now’s the time for a heavy-duty cleanup to get our lives back on track and in order. Applying just a few simple techniques will go a long way in order to organize, clean and declutter your home.

This time of year presents a great opportunity to clean your home before colder weather sets in and you’re forced to shut windows – and lock in odors. The first step is to identify the right organization method to help you tidy up and jump-start a new year. Walmart offers a wide variety of organization boxes, gadgets and tools as you prepare for the upcoming cooler months. You can also donate gently worn or unused clothing and accessories that may have seen better days before summer rolled around.

Next up is clearing out the pantry and fridge and making sure items are still fresh and edible. Summer is a busy time for everyone, and you may not have had the time or energy to tackle this daunting task. It’s a job in and of itself, so refer to these tips for a thorough cleanup.

Being back in the school routine means kids going to gym class and participating in sports and other activities that generate a lot of sweat and funk, so stay extra mindful of gear like backpacks, sneakers and sports equipment – especially in rooms that can rack up a lot of odors like a mudroom. And if you’re like many parents, an active summer league sports schedule could have left sports gear smelling funky, and quite frankly, gross. By applying FunkAway’s Pump Spray on your kids’ gloves, cleats and kneepads, they will be fresh and odor free just like the day you bought them. Use the Aerospray for maximum coverage on anything extra funky.

These odor-eliminating sprays can also be used to assist in deep cleaning after a long, hot summer! We recommend spraying garbage cans with overwhelming odors from BBQs and kids’ sleepovers. Back to school also involves taking the kids to school, practice and other extracurricular activities, so it’s the perfect time to clean out your car and de-junk your trunk or hatch. To see how you can combat funk and eliminate odors wherever they are, refer to our application infographic:

There are many ways you can contribute to a spick-and-span home, and now’s the time to put summer behind you and move forward for a clean and organized school year. Leave your comments below on how you make sure your home is ready for the new season.



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