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Frequently Asked Questions

Our sprays on gear, clothing, and anything can’t put in wash. We do not recommend spraying on skin (or fur).

FunkAway is safe to use on most fabrics, including leather. We suggest testing a small patch first. Once it’s air-dried and looks good, you can spray the entire item to eliminate funky odors!

FunkAway has a slight fresh and clean scent when applied, but it fades as it dries, usually within 24 hours.

Our Max Strength Laundry Booster is meant to be used with your regular detergent to power out trapped-in odors and stains.

Yes, the laundry booster can be used in both regular and HE washing machines.

No! We know they look great, but please keep them out of your diet. If you’ve ingested the beads, please don’t induce vomiting and we recommend contacting your physician.

Yes! Remove both the silver seal and the blue insert, and replace the lid for your beads to start fighting funk in the air.

No. FunkAway is designed to eliminate odor molecules, but it does not get rid of all bacteria.

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