With nicer weather finally out in front of us, people with an affinity for adventure will be looking for their next adrenaline fix. One way to capitalize on the warmer months ahead is to head outdoors and challenge yourself to try something new. Rock climbing, mountain biking, scuba diving, hang gliding, backpacking, white water rafting and trail running are all popular and unique ways to work up a sweat for any thrill seeker!

Summer sports leagues are in full swing, which means many moms are spending much of their time on the sidelines cheering on their kids. Since so much time is dedicated in prepping kids for each game, it’s easy for moms to forget about themselves. To make sure moms survive this year’s summer leagues, we’ve created a resourceful guide of items to never forget as they take on the sideline this summer:

1) A comfortable foldable chair: Many hours are spent watching kids play, so pull up a seat, get comfortable and relax as your cheer on your favorite player to victory.

2) A reusable water bottle: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Make sure you pack you and your kids’ favorite water bottles as you head out of the house and to the field.

3) Proper sunscreen: It’s easy to forget, but sunscreen is one of the most important items to bring for long hours on the sidelines. Plus, it’s good for health!

4) Bug spray or mosquito repeller: It’s that time of the year when bugs are swarming and ready to attack. Keep a bottle of bug spray and/or a Thermacell patio shield mosquito repeller in your survival kit to reduce the amount of itchy and annoying bites.

5) An umbrella: Be prepared if it rains, and if you’re super sensitive to the sun, umbrellas are great for extra solar protection. We recommend this one.

6) FunkAway’s Traveler: Perfect for on the go—keep the mini version of our pump spray handy and you’ll be ready to combat funk on kids’ shoes and gear after the game and before the drive home.

We hope this short list helps you keep it fun, not funky, on the sidelines this summer. Leave us a comment with the one item you always bring to the sideline.



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