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Don’t just cover up odors. Eliminate them with the FunkAway Big Jobs Extreme Odor Eliminator. There’s no job too big or odor too funky for
our most heavy-duty spray.

  • 13.5-oz aerosol spray
  • For the larger, funked-up stuff you can’t put in the wash
  • Use on shoes, sports gear, luggage, camping equipment, work gear, and more
  • Get rid of all kinds of smells — sweat, smoke, pet, gas, mildew, skunk, food, and anything else that stinks
  • Guaranteed to work
  • Made in the USA



2 reviews for Big Jobs

  1. Linda C.

    Dear FunkAway, you are fabulous! We own a haunted house. It’s often hot and people stink. However, it is not possible to wash the costumes every night. We tried multiple things and nothing worked. Then we found FunkAway by accident. Not only did my team of 50+ people enjoy the name and reading the bottle, they enjoyed smelling fresh in their costumes! FunkAway quickly became a staple there. They asked for your specific brand (I hid it) instead of the other brands on the shelf. Thanks for keeping my team fresh during our haunted house season! We will now be using this at home and stock up next season for our team.

  2. Grady B.

    I have a 19 year old grandson living with me who works the grill evenings at Steak n Shake. His clothes were getting to smell rank no matter what he washed them with or anything. His bedroom was reeking as he kept his greasy grimy rotten smelling work shoes in there. I found FunkAway spray at a local retailer. It worked fantastic. Also reduced cigarette odors in our house with two smokers living in the house.

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