Summer means spending plenty of time outdoors, going on road trips and vacations, cheering your kids on from the sidelines and hopefully many hours relaxing by the pool. Despite all the fun, the heat can become somewhat unbearable in many places. And, with increased temperatures comes increased sweat. So, staying on top of good hygiene and avoiding embarrassing odors becomes more of a challenge.

Here are seven ways to use FunkAway to make sure you’re keeping it fresh while staying active:

1) The warmer months are the perfect time for hitting the open road for endless adventure. Pack the FunkAway Traveler in your backpack, suitcase or in your glove compartment to ensure you’re living funk free on the go. And use these helpful tools to ensure you have a smooth-sailing ride along the way.

2) After you’ve arrived home from your next camping trip, use the FunkAway Aerospray to remove stuffy smells coming from tents and sleeping bags. And, if you’ve been hiking, make sure to apply the spray to your boots so they’re fresh for next time! You’ll enjoy your next trip to the great outdoors to the fullest and without odors!

3) When school’s out, summer sports leagues take over and require a lot of time on the sidelines and in the car. Whether your star is participating in soccer, baseball, softball, etc., they can easily eliminate odors forming in their cleats, shin guards and helmets with FunkAway. Spray stinky gear, bags and shoes right after the game and before you set off to your next activity. And don’t forget to use the Laundry Detergent Booster to get rid of odors and stains in uniforms. Parents can also use these helpful tips to survive summer league sports.

4) Many runners are prepping for upcoming late summer and fall races, and that means they’re working up quite the sweat hitting the pavement. Keep shoes smelling fresh with FunkAway’s Pump Spray. Your shoes and your running buddies will thank you.

5) If scuba diving or other water sports are your go-to summer activity, use FunkAway on your wetsuit, booties, scuba gear and more. This will help eliminate any musty smells on your wet clothing and gear.

6) From driving kids to and from practice, heading to the beach or local swimming pool and going everywhere in between, you’ll want to spray FunkAway on the floor mats and in the trunk to give your car a fresh and renewed environment. And when furry friends join you on some of these trips, use it on their dog collars and vests. This will make the long car rides much more bearable for the entire family.

7) If you have multiple trips planned for the summer, don’t just shove your suitcase in a closet after vacation. Give it a spray with FunkAway to keep it fresh for the next time you pack for a trip!

Summer is a fun, busy time for everyone, and with these helpful applications, you can use FunkAway to make the most of this short season. What ways have you used FunkAway during the summer? Leave us your tip(s) in the comments below.



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