Our armed forces stay strong each and every day, constantly training and staying on-guard to keep us safe. Military men and women are exposed to rough conditions and are subjected to grease, grime and odors accumulated from sweat. While they’re out protecting us, you can help them by protecting the uniforms and gear they’re wearing.

Odor Prevention and Removal
Being part of the military is tough duty. Sweating is inevitable. The sweat odor that comes along with the job can often times be overwhelming. Those who have a heightened sense of smell will appreciate their military man or woman unpacking their rucksack or backpack as soon as possible. Airing out gear and cleaning it quickly will keep unwanted odors in check and stop them from festering.

And if embarrassing and horrific smells are coming from the rucksack or backpack, or anywhere else military gear may be, apply FunkAway to remove stubborn odors completely. FunkAway can be used on vests, combat boots, helmets, on the rucksack itself and anything that comes in contact with sweat. FunkAway sprays come in both a convenient Pump Spray for fighting funk every day and an Aerospray for maximum effectiveness and coverage.

Combat uniforms are unique because they are treated with a pesticide called permethrin that kills or repels insects such as mosquitoes and ticks. EPA-approved permethrin has been used for more than 20 years to protect soldiers from diseases carried by insects. Using fabric softeners and dryer sheets will cause the permethrin treatment to lose efficacy and should be avoided. If you’re worried that fabrics will be left scratchy or staticky from regular detergent, just add distilled white vinegar to the water.

If stinky piles of combat and training uniforms, military socks and other washable items have taken over your laundry room, use FunkAway’s Laundry Detergent Booster to remove tough odors and stains. This laundry additive can be used with your regular detergent and will help renew and preserve uniforms, ultimately yielding a longer lifespan. For incredibly stubborn stains, you can use Carbona Stain Wizard Pre-Wash Stain Remover and simply spray it right on the spot.

By applying these tips, military families can enjoy odor- and stain-free uniforms and gear. Have you picked up any secrets to combatting funk while serving? Reply in the comments below.



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