Camping is a fun activity for families and friends of all ages. Not only does the extra time spent together create lasting bonds, but it gives everyone an opportunity to enjoy nature and disconnect from the busy distractions at home. But, like the Boy Scouts motto goes, when it comes to camping you have to Be Prepared.

To ensure your next trip goes smoothly, here are a few essential things that will prove helpful and prepare you to get the most fun out of the great outdoors:

  • Thermacell Scout Mosquito Repellant Camp Lantern creates a zone of protection that effectively repels mosquitoes for up to 15 feet. It’s the ideal size for camping and will help ensure bug bites don’t ruin your good time.
  • When you’ve settled into your camping grounds, and it’s time to set up shelter, place a tarp under the tent for added moisture protection. You’ll also need something to hold your tent in place. Be sure to bring bungee cords, extra rope and spikes to secure your short-term home. Pro tip: Position your tent with the opening facing the lowest point.
  • What’s a camping trip without a campfire (and s’mores!)? Take Coghlan’s Fire Paste with you for a quick and easy way to start a flame without any flare-up. The fire paste also works well if the wood is wet.
  • Nothing makes you hungrier than camping. So, after a long day of hiking, fishing or any other activity for the day, it will be time for a good meal. To enjoy that wood cooked taste, bring along a foldable camp grill as well as a mini camp stove burner.
  • To help store any snacks or leftovers, pack storing containers that seal. These will keep any critters from stealing your food and invading your campsite.
  • Even the savviest campers can get lost from time to time. Take a compass with you just in case you need a little cardinal direction guidance.
  • A heavy-duty waterproof tarp like this one can help protect you and your belongings from getting wet. It’s even UV-protected, keeping you safe from the sun.
  • When you get home from your trip, it’s important to inspect gear and clean it so it will be ready to pack for next time. Keep sweaty and strong odors at bay with FunkAway. Spray it on sleeping bags, clothing, gear, hiking shoes, blankets and anything else that may need a refresher. It’s perfect for any residual smells from bonfires, long hikes, fishing and swimming.

With these easy solutions, your camping trip will be an adventure you won’t soon forget. What do you take with you every time you camp? Leave us your tips in the comments.



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