The birds are chirping, the ice is thawing and winter gloom is finally on its way out. With the warmer temps and longer days, it’s only natural to want to change things up. It also means it’s that time of the year you either love or hate – spring cleaning.

Right now is an opportune time to get your house in gear and jumpstart the warmer seasons ahead. Although the process seems a bit overwhelming at first, there are steps you can implement that are quite simple.

Here are eight ways to make your space sparkling, organized and funk free this spring:

1) Create checklists for each room and tackle them one at a time. Start with the areas of the home that need the most work and require your undivided attention. By the time you reach the room with the least to do, you’ll be flying through your list.

2) De-clutter and remove excess. This can be accomplished by setting aside a few boxes or bins for sorting donations, consignment/resale items and anything that needs to be tossed.

3) Organize what you do need when you’ve finished purging. Consider ways to reduce any messes and keep everything in its place by adding storage benches, shelving and hooks. If you need some guidance on how to compartmentalize and categorize, watch Get Organized with the Home Edit on Netflix.

4) Invest in smarter gadgets and products to streamline your cleaning. There are so many options in the market today that allow you to tackle chores in an easier fashion. This power scrubber with oscillating head scrubs 60 times per second to clean around sinks, shower floors, stovetops, crevices and more. This blind duster removes all the lingering dust, while saving you time and energy, and this multifunctional steam cleaner works on any surface you want to clean and sanitize.

5) Address surfaces that have been overlooked throughout the winter like baseboards, door frames, ceiling fans and even on top of the fridge. If the spaces are harder to reach, use this extendible and flexible handy tool that will clean all the tall surfaces.

6) Open the windows on a nice, sunny day to release any stagnant and musty air that’s been building up. When fresh air isn’t enough, FunkAway’s supercharged Odor Eliminating Beads can be placed in larger spaces to remove any stubborn airborne odors, giving your house a fresh and clean start.

7) Remove built-up odors from your winter shoes and gear before storing them away. Spray down items with FunkAway Aerospray to renew whatever you’re putting away, so they’ll be ready for next year.

8) Use the maximum strength Laundry Detergent Booster to remove trapped-in odors on items you’ve had in storage since last summer.

A fresh start is definitely needed after months of being cooped up inside, and hopefully these steps can make it a smooth transition. Do you have any tried-and-true methods you use each year for spring cleaning? Share in the comments!



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