It’s that time of year when everyone is working on their New Year’s resolutions. According to an Inc. survey of 2,000 people, eating healthier and exercising more account for the top two resolutions for 2019. While many people begin to give up by February – in fact, 80 percent – we have a few tips that anyone can use to keep their fitness goals in check all year long.

  • Consider weekly fitness goals. Set a goal for yourself that aligns with your weekly schedule. Weeks change and some may be busier than others, and some days you may work out at the gym for more than an hour, while other days a quick 20-minute at-home workout is all you have time for. Don’t dwell too much on the details and incorporate a healthy balance of food intake and activity for optimal results.
  • Start slow and progress as time goes on. For beginners and for those who haven’t had a steady workout regimen in a long time, start cautiously and progress slowly. Overexertion is the last thing that will aid in keeping you on your feet and free of injury. When you start hitting those goals, you’ll be glad you worked gradually and smartly.
  • Utilize an achievement calendar and mark off the days that you’ve accomplished your workout. You’ll feel rewarded once you’ve seen the amount of days you devoted to fitness and to your goals. This will only motivate you more as time goes on. You can even reward your efforts by purchasing something new like gym shoes or workout leggings if you’ve stuck to your goals for a month straight!
  • Recruit a workout partner to hold you accountable. Everyone knows that motivating yourself to stick to your workout can be challenging. By enlisting a friend, family member or colleague, you’re more likely to commit to your schedule with someone on your side.
  • Incorporate different workouts to avoid monotony. Nothing is more boring than doing the same workout or eating the same healthy foods each day. Try something you’ve always wanted to do – rock climbing, spinning or hot yoga – to keep the heart rate up and to get out of your comfort zone!
  • Keep your workout clothes, shoes and gear fresh. You don’t want embarrassing odors ruining your confidence. FunkAway eliminates odors at the source, so your clothes, shoes and gear will be renewed and refreshed for the next time you hit the gym or studio!

While it can be challenging to change your lifestyle, it can be done. Beat the statistics by incorporating these tips and leave a comment with ways you avoid resolution burnout.



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