Cold winter days means staying indoors more often. With the stagnant air and less circulation coming in and out, it’s likely your home is accumulating unwanted and musty winter smells. This is due to a variety of factors like increased moisture, poor ventilation and more time spent in the home.

To keep your space smelling fresh, make sure to invest time into preventing odors. As cabin fever sets in, a few simple steps will go a long way to ensure your home is a place you’ll be running back to instead of running away from…

One of the best ways to reduce and eliminate winter smells is to keep your home extra clean and tidy. With the additional time spent inside the home, you can multi-task different chores like doing laundry and vacuuming dusty rugs and carpets. And using a multi-purpose product like Aquavert can sanitize, clean and deodorize in just one simple step. Odors caused by mold and mildew are due to excess moisture in the air. DampRid effectively reduces the relative humidity in a room to the point mold and mildew cannot grow.

Another way to reduce smells in the home is by using an air purifier. These devices remove contaminants and particles like bacteria and dust, preventing smells from building up over time. You can also use an essential oil diffuser to create a stress-relieving oasis.

Take advantage of warmer temperatures. On the rare, but nicer winter days, open the windows and let the natural air circulate in your space. This will alleviate some of the stuffiness that has accrued and will help tremendously to remove the odor. However, unless the source of the problem has been removed, the musty smell will continue.

With particularly stubborn smells, use FunkAway to completely remove odors instead of masking them with air fresheners or candles. FunkAway can be used to eliminate smells from dog beds, garbage cans, mattresses, couches, rugs and more. All you have to do is spray and saturate the item and let it air dry. This method will let you LIVE FUNK FREE all winter long.

Use the new supercharged Odor Eliminating Beads that can attack odors in spaces up to 300 square feet. And, if your clothes or bedding are the issue, we recommend using our Laundry Detergent Booster for anything you can place in the wash.

You may be stuck indoors more than you’d prefer, but if you’re tired of living in funk, these steps will improve your quality of life drastically. Do you have a go-to technique to keep a clean and happy home during the winter? If you do, share it in the comments below.



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