With the cold, harsh winter in our rearview mirror and a much-needed spring season starting, it’s time to purge, clean and renew! This time of year, families are thinking about ways they can refresh and revitalize their homes from the inside, out.

Built up odors, dust, stains, smudges and leaks could be part of the problem. And some people find that they’ve accumulated too much “stuff” they never use. Here are a few ideas for a simple and effective spring-cleaning, both indoors and out.


  • Out with the old and in with organization. When boxing up winter clothing and gear and bringing out lighter layers, decide what’s needed and what can be donated, sold or thrown away. Being free of unnecessary items can open up additional storage space and will also make your home feel organized and clutter-free. Try watching Tidying Up With Marie Kondo on Netflix for inspiration.
  • You can’t enjoy the sunlight as much with dirty windows. Clean windows with a tried-and-true solvent like Zep Foaming Glass Cleaner and a microfiber cloth. This foaming spray applies to windows evenly and even stays in place, so you’re able to wipe away noticeable fingerprints and smudges from your kids and pets who have longed for more time outdoors. And don’t forget to wipe off blinds to get rid of dust and residue.
  • Speaking of dust, the amount that accumulates during winter is a real issue. Not only do you see it on ceiling fans, furniture surfaces and in small nooks and crannies throughout the home, but it’s also built up where you can’t visibly notice it. One way to combat the more unnoticeable dust and bacteria is cleaning and replacing air filters. This step will ensure fresh air circulates throughout your home, breathing new life to your space.
  • If odors are the problem, try FunkAway. FunkAway Pump Spray and Aerospray eliminate odors at their source, and they’re ideal for shoes and especially winter boots. Spray ‘em, store ‘em and they will be like new next winter! You can clean and refresh indoor air with FunkAway Odor Eliminating Beads. And finally, use FunkAway Laundry Detergent Booster to wash clothes that you’ve stored all winter long.
  • Be sure to check off all the “small” jobs on your to-do list, such as: dropping Affresh tablets down the garbage disposal to wash away sink odors; wiping down countertops, microwaves and the inside of refrigerators with an all-purpose cleaner; and using a furniture polish to help your home truly sparkle.


  • Use a do-it-yourself sealing protectant like Flex Seal that coats and stops leaks on gutters, windowsills, roof shingles and awnings that have formed over the winter.
  • Pressure washing outdoor furniture, driveways, patio decks and more will give your outdoor space new meaning – perfect for nice spring nights with friends and family.
  • If mold and mildew have set stains on your home exterior, Home Armor E-Z House Wash removes them with no added scrubbing.

With spring fever hitting full force, now’s the time to incorporate these methods and products into your cleaning routine. Do you have any useful DIY tips to share?



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