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What do bad jokes and all your stinky shoes and gear have in common? They’re PUNgent. Don’t just cover up those odors. Eliminate them with FunkAway! The Extreme Odor Eliminator sprays on powerfully and attacks the source of the smell.

  • 8-oz aerosol spray
  • For all the funked-up stuff you can’t put in the wash
  • Use on shoes, sports gear, pet stuff, work gear, and more
  • Get rid of all kinds of smells — sweat, smoke, pet, mildew, skunk, food, and anything else that stinks
  • Guaranteed to work
  • Made in the USA



4 reviews for Aerosol Spray

  1. Laura R.

    I use this for my sons Lacrosse gear, it works great! A little goes a long way.

  2. Kathryn

    I’ve finally found a product that truly gives my nose a break!!! There are STINKY work boots in my home. When they’re taken off the stink of boots and socks is overwhelming! I’d been looking in a pharmacy recently for other brand sprays that never really worked. I came across the large aerosol can of FUNKAWAY and figured I’d take it home as a “gift”. Best “gift” ever!! IT gets sprayed into the work boots, and on socks that go in hamper for laundry day. Living in an apartment with no washer/dryer, I can’t throw a wash on every day. I can’t wait to try the laundry booster. I also spray FunkAway on my own clothes, socks, jackets & in my car because I love the scent. And yes, a little goes a long way. So happy to have found this awesome product. Thank you!!

  3. Suzy

    I have purchased this product several times and am pretty happy with it. I have expensive clothes for riding and running and use it every time after laundering. It seems to combat the odor that has built up over time. Would recommend it. Only thing is the fragrance is a little overpowering when you first apply it.

  4. Greg B.

    Lacrosse gear smells like a rancid trash dump. This negates that odor – recommended!

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