Your kids are shredding, skating and gliding their way through winter, and that means you’re probably spending your fair share of time either outside where it’s freezing or literally chilling on the sidelines of a cold ice arena. To endure the dropping temperatures and any sweat, tears and musty odors that can come along with them, moms need to keep a few items handy.

Here are a few essential things to have on hand so you’ll be ready for anything that comes your way this winter sports season:

  • Accessible hand warmers or hot hands to grab on the fly. Have a basket full of these to take for you and your kid(s), so you can keep extremities warm when gloves won’t cut it. They can be a life saver during cold, blustery days.

  • All the cold, dry air can take a toll on your skin. Add moisture to the air with this humidifier, and use a skin-soothing lotion like this Advanced Repair solution to help keep dry, itchy skin at bay.

  • Stay hydrated, warm and put together all with one sports mom must-have – A Yeti Rambler® tumbler! You can enjoy hot cocoa, coffee and even a broth-based soup during the many hours you’ll be spending watching your favorite athlete. Once you get home, you can use it to keep water extra cold for an instant refresher.

  • Don’t let all the gear and equipment take over your home. Incorporate a designated space to keep everything in one place. Different ideas include this multi-purpose rack for hockey sticks and skates and this wall rack and storage shelf for skis and boots. This will not only give you a better peace of mind when having company over but will prevent panic over missing stuff when you’re heading out for a practice!

  • With all their heavy protective gear and layers to keep warm, winter athletes are bound to work up a sweat. Leave the stink at the rink (or mountain) with some extreme odor eliminators! Keep FunkAway Odor Eliminating Beads in your equipment storage area and use the FunkAway Aerospray for maximum impact on all the bulky stuff you can’t put in the wash.

These are just a few items we recommend to help stay warm and funk free while supporting winter sports! Let us SNOW in the comments if you have any other tips for surviving the season.



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