School is back in session or around the corner for many primary and secondary schools. This time of year brings excitement, but it can also be pretty stressful, leaving some parents anxious with an adjustment to routines, sleeping habits and overall schedules.

Many districts across the U.S. are enacting e-learning methods, while the world continues to deal with COVID-19. Whether your school has determined to go completely remote with virtual learning or incorporate a hybrid model, here are some tips to save time, prevent stress and jumpstart the school year to get your kids ready to learn!

  • One of the hardest parts about getting back into the swing of things is sticking to a schedule. This can be especially hard if your day is not split up between your kids’ in-school time and the opportunity to decompress at home, leaving barely any room for a work-life balance. Establish a new schedule board for you and your kids to help everyone stay on track. This can include homework, lessons, daily chores like making the bed or taking out the trash, extracurricular activities and sports. 
  • For families whose kids are remote learning, set up surroundings to make it feel somewhat like the environment at school. You can use a space like a mudroom or foyer to set up cubbies or lockers, provide a space for doing schoolwork and e-learning and layout a designated area for eating lunch.
  • Taking notes is pivotal for improving comprehension and retention. Instead of your typical notepad or notebook, use a digital note-taking app to record all notes. Evernote is a great solution for searchability and referencing anything that you need to quickly look up. These can do more for you than traditional paper pads, like storing notes to the cloud and even syncing them to multiple devices.
  • Purchase a snack bin like this one for accessible healthy snacks. Even if your kids are learning at home, you’ll want to ensure you’re providing snacks that provide sustenance and nutritional value. You can plan ahead on the weekends to make sure all the snacks are prepared and ready at the beginning of each week. This will not only save you time but will help keep things organized.
  • Grocery shopping and meal planning are tedious tasks that take up a lot of time. With so many meal plan companies out there now (like the ever-popular Hello Fresh), why not let them do some of the heavy lifting for you for easy weeknight dinners? If cooking is your thing, take advantage of meal prepping on the weekends with labels for each day/night.
  • With all the extra time spent indoors, use FunkAway Odor Eliminating Beads to rid of any unwanted odors in your home. Supercharged with a unique OM Complex™, but unlike other products that look similar, these beads really work to stop stink. They can be placed in your laundry room, bathroom, mudroom or anywhere else where odors have built up. And, they also look nice. Although this year may be different, school in session also means kids are spending more time participating in sports. Use FunkAway Aerospray to spray down smelly gear and use the Laundry Detergent Booster for uniforms, activewear and anything else that can be placed in the washing machine.

While back to school may look a bit different this year, you can set your family up for success by incorporating these helpful ideas. What does the new school year look like for you, and what can you share that will provide a stress-free environment for others? Provide your tips in the comments.



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