Many people are still spending a lot of time indoors, and with the cooler temps right around the corner, it’s likely you’ll be stuck at home even more often. If you’re living in a smaller home, apartment or condo, or if you’re looking to make the best of rooms like your home office or gym, here are some tips to create your own little oasis.


  • Avoid getting cabin fever with a few small changes that will open up your space. Add mirrors to create the illusion of more real estate and brighten up any room with extra lighting.
  • If you’ve been holding off going to the gym and need to make do with what you have at home, you’ll need to invest in a few essentials. Thrillist provides a useful guide to gear that doesn’t take up a lot of space, so you can avoid cluttering.
  • When square footage comes at a minimum, don’t let an inch go unused. Take advantage of blank walls to display items you can quickly access but look nice out in the open. A magnetic knife strip like this can hold multiple kitchen utensils, and floating shelves are a great way to organize and showcase some of your favorite books, picture frames and plants – making them a work of art on their own accord. You can also hang baskets in smaller bathrooms to store towels when you’re limited on floor space.
  • Multipurpose furniture can work wonders for a smaller space. Some ideas are a bed with storage underneath and ottomans that open up to stow away knickknacks, blankets and other accessories. Furniture that serves as both a workspace and bookcase/TV cabinet are also practical, yet functional.
  • Think vertical and use the extra room up to the ceiling to avoid taking up too much floorspace. Investing in narrow bookshelves or cabinets, installing wall sconces for lighting or using hanging planters are just a few ways to do this that won’t take up prime real estate.
  • Keep the air in your small space fresh. FunkAway supercharged Odor Eliminating Beads are ideal for removing odors where other products have failed. These can make a huge difference in rooms where funky smells are lingering after months of being cooped up. If you like lighting it up in the home, the all-new Smoke Odor Eliminator spray eliminates the funky smells from cigarette, cigar or cannabis.

These are just a few ways that will keep your small space your own personal sanctuary and when it’s time to go home (which is a lot these days), it will make a big impact on your day-to-day living. Do you have any favorite small living hacks? Let us know in the comments.



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