Feel like you’re stuck in a never-ending cycle of sorting, washing, folding and putting away laundry? You’re not alone, and there are ways to conquer that growing pile of dirty clothes without going nuts. Whether you work from home and can start loads between meetings or you have to find time during your time off, we want to help you tackle this constant chore.

Here are a few organizational and useful tips to try so your clothes, linens and whatever else you put in the wash come out like new.

  • Ever spend forever dividing up your whites, darks, and delicates? A laundry hamper that allows you to organize your clothes and accessories like this one will cut back on the time you spend going through each item on one of your laundry days. You’ll know exactly what you have to wash on which temperature and cycle, which will speed up this tedious chore and get you on your merry way!
  • For added separation, keep towels in their own basket. Towels can be washed together on the same temperature, so it’s easier to place them in their designated hamper or basket to wash them quickly and easily.
  • Finding a spot to air dry your clothing and other items can be difficult, especially if you’re limited on space. To help free up some of the spots you may be using to lay your clothes, like chairs and tables, install a mounted drying rack similar to this one. It will also help you de-wrinkle any items before placing them back into your closets.
  • Matching up your socks from a pile of clean laundry can take up valuable time, especially since at least one of them usually ends up lost. To get around this, use a mesh bag so that all your pairs of socks and other small items can stay together in one place.
  • For those stubborn stains and set-in odors, use the FunkAway Max Strength Laundry Booster for any items you can place in the wash. And, for any airborne odors lingering in your laundry room, place the FunkAway Odor Eliminating Beads anywhere in the space to keep it smelling clean and fresh, giving you all the more reasons to enjoy laundry day.
  • Additional everyday tips include using wool dryer balls instead of dryer sheets to cut back on waste and drying time and keep your clothes and linens feeling soft; adding a tablespoon of salt to your colors to keep them from fading; and drying your clothes even faster by adding a dry, fluffy towel to a wet load to help soak up the moisture.

We all experience laundry fatigue, but by implementing these tips, you’ll learn that carrying out the chore isn’t so bad — and you’ll achieve better results. What tips do you have when it comes to making laundry more enjoyable? Let us know your hacks in the comments below!



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